Best Way to Make Money On Maplestory

maplestory4mesos Date: Feb/17/14 10:56:45 Views: 1267

The best way is to develop something to make money in Maplestory, you can in two or fewer consecutive hits to kill. For the Warriors, this should not be a big problem before the second job. Warriors are very easy to make money early, damage due to low touch. What should be trained for the best thief in the 21-30 level, but not recommended for PQ's unfunded. It can consume a lot in potions that, if poor prizes are received, can not be replaced.

For the magician to save money, they only buy the red and blue syrup, until 30. 25 kerning PQ Magic will be completely destroyed, so you should be able to get medicine and minerals from easy. In addition, when the Magic reached a second job, if they become a priest, they no longer need to buy HP potion once they have upped their Heal skill a few levels. All it eats up is MP, and it is cheaper if you don't have to buy HP potions anymore.

For archers, As a new bowman you should find or buy a melee weapon (metal axe, for example, drops from slimes, and wooden swords from Orange Mushrooms) until level 15, and only then buy the level 15 bow. Save up on stiff feathers, tree branches, and firewood to make arrows for free. In addition, remember Mana Potions cost about twice what Health ones do, and using Skills can rapidly burn money throughout the course of a level.