Big Event Happens In February For The Elder Scrolls Online

maplestory4mesos Date: Mar/03/17 00:56:23 Views: 1377

The month of February was very rich in announcements and other events as to the present and the future of TESO.

In particular, it is this month that Homestead, the 7th DLC of ESO: TU was deployed on the Live servers, first on PC (February 6, 2017), then on PS4 and XboxOne (February 21st 2017). In this context, the official website has published several guides devoted to this DLC: the bases of Homestead, the manufacture of furniture and the orders of master.

But despite the arrival of the housing, which was highly anticipated, in this DLC, for many players, it was not the most striking event of this month.

Indeed, Zenimax announced, during a dedicated Live Twitch, the arrival of the first extension of TESO: Morrowind, which will be available for all platforms on June 6, 2017, in physical or dematerialized version.

But Zenimax was not content with a Live Twitch to present the next Chapter of their MMO; In fact, they organized a press-event in London for this occasion. Here' the information that was unveiled, as well as an exclusive interview:

-a more detailed presentation of this extension;

-a question-and-answer session with Matt Firor, Rich Lambert and Brian Wheeler;

-an interview with Rich Lambert.

It was also on this occasion that the publisher of TESO published a video featuring Morrowind gameplay. They also began to unveil this future extension, starting with the detail of the fauna and flora of Vvardenfell.

Data mining experts have already begun to discover new things in the game's files. And, of course, the game continues to update, as detailed in these patches-notes. Other news items have also been published on the official website regularly.

In particular, Matt Firor's latest "Road Ahead", entitled "Welcome to 2017", talks about the future of TESO, and the new rate of content.

They also announced that the game had sold 8.5 million copies, all platforms combined. More interesting for PvP players, tests have been announced, in order to try to solve Cyrodiil performance problems.

On a more romantic note, a story of love born on TESO was told by the two protagonists, as part of the "Day of Hearts" (Valentine's Day Tamriel). Get more news from our website: It sells cheap eso gold. If you buy here, you will get fast delivery and best service.