FFXIV Details For The Game's Forthcoming Expansion

maplestory4mesos Date: Mar/06/17 14:42:19 Views: 1430

At present, Square Enix are seemingly launching a new patch for Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 3.55a hit on Tuesday, and another patch is due in the next few days. Fan Festival  have come to an end, during previous Fan Festivals, as was announced, the level cap in FFXIV capacity will be increased, inventory capacity will be increased, and PlayStation 3 support will be discontinued.



Taking look back to Final Fantasy XIV fan festival in Frankfurt, it summary more details for the game's forthcoming expansion, Stormblood. On top of Samurai being revealed as the second, and final, new job to be introduced, it seems we also got a look at many of the new areas, a new beast tribe, and a new primal. 


The Stormblood expansion for Square Enix’s MMORPG will introduce a new continent to the game as well as two new character classes. We knew the first was Red Mage and now we know the second: Samurai. 


The crimson-clad, katana-wielding warriors will be a damage-based class aimed at unloading on enemies on the front lines of fights and will favor STR gear. Samurai will not have a base class and will start at level 50. Best of all, the character looks to share at least a passing resemblance to Final Fantasy X’s Auron, unquestionably the series’ most bad ass swordsman.