MapleStory Guide: Make Mesos Without Playing Game

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Do you want to make mesos without playing the game? This guide will give you a simple solution to your maplestory mesos problems. 




Using A Pet

1. Acquire around 15k NX cash by buying it or doing a survey or some offers.

2. Buy a pet in the cash shop, as well as a mesos magnet, item pouch, winged boots, binoculars, and scales (each pet item running around 1.8k NX).

3. Go to any busy hunting areas in channel 1.

4. Find a good platform without any monsters where you can get as much mesos as you can without dying.

5. Leave your character there and activate your pet. It will go on the platform and collect items other users get from monsters.

6. Leave Maple Story running for 2-5 hours. After coming back from school, waking up, or anything else, your character will have acquired a decent amount of mesos and items to sell to your local NPC.


Selling Rare Equips or Scrolls

1. Get about 10k NX and buy some of the most wanted items from MTS and a Hired Merchant or a Store permit from the Cash Shop.

2. Set up your store in Channel 2 or 3.

3. Sell a few of your other rare equips or scrolls for a reasonable price. A scroll for gloves for attack 60% can sell up to 10 million.


Killing the Sakura Cellions (Level 40+)

1. Go to Amoria and kill the sakura cellions. They leave around 300-500 mesos a cellion!

2. You can also kill leprechauns in Crimsonwood Keep. They drop up to 2k (4k on 2x drop events). They also have a chance to drop Green Bandanas, Steelys, Esther Shields, and Lollipops.


Selling Bathrobes

1. Get a a shop (any kind)

2. Go to Showa Town,and then go into the sauna room for 300 mesos.

3. Buy as many Bathrobes for Male/Female as you can for 30k per robe.

4. Go find a spot in the FM and sell for 189k (or higher if you scroll the bathrobes) each.

5. This step is optional, but you can scroll them for 350k by buying Overall for DEX 100% for 35k. You can buy those scrolls from the scroll seller in Kerning City swamp.


Selling Holiday Items

1. Train on holidays, like Christmas, or Maple Anniversaries. Collect the special items like rascal snowpieces; or maple leaves.

2. Sell the items on free market. Rascal snowpieces sometimes sell for 20k each you and if you collect 300, you get 6 million.


Getting A Lucky Gift

1. Sometimes when you exit MapleStory, the Maple Admin will give you a gift. If she gives you the Scissors of Karma, accept it.

2. Use it normally on an item you want to be used on. Zakum Hats works best on it, especially if you are getting rid of it.


Doing the Fallen Woods Quest

Do the Fallen Woods Quest by getting 25 Phantom Seeds. You will have access to Icicles, All Cures, Scrolls to NLC, and Diamond Arrows that you can sell for up to 50x it's value.


Using MapleStory Adventures

1. When Nexon holds an event related to MapleStory Adventures (ex. cross promotion), sign up for MapleStory Adventures.

2. There should be a badge related to the event. Connect your Nexon account with your Facebook account. Make sure you have a main character.

3. Play MapleStory Adventures as normal.

4. The next day, you will get a note from the Maple Admin. The note gives you experience and mesos.


Note: This is no guarantee of getting more money than actually hunting monsters or selling items yourself.


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