MapleStory: What's Your Favorite Class?

maplestory4mesos Date: Dec/28/16 04:41:50 Views: 1518

For those who are playing MapleStory, what is your favorite class in the game? Battle Mage? Dark Knight? Here we collect some ideas from the community to show their favorite class and the reasons.


MapleStory class


1. Bowmaster

Bowmasters are still extremely good and are at the top of the DPS Attacks per minute charts (doubtful).


"At the time I started, I was a measly hunter - not even a ranger and I looked forward to the time I could hang out with the big dawgs and kill squids at aqua road. I mainly merchanted so that I could make the most of my time when I did train. Then came fourth job and that made bowmasters the ultimate late game job for bossing and I knew the job was indeed for me."


"Bowmasters aren't very good anymore as far as I can tell, but I play on as one because I can now live out my dream of being a bowmaster without having to sell my soul to just reach level 70!"


2. Battle Mage

Battle Mage has the best lore. 


"You're some random kid growing up under the oppressive yoke of a nazi/cultist hybrid organization with the goal of reviving an ancient evil with the power to crack the world with a spell, or, failing that, simply blowing everyone the hell up with a gigantic airship. Naturally, you get delusions of grandeur. The local street sweeper takes notice and does the responsible thing, telling you that he can make you a hero if you run a few errands and beat some local wildlife to death. That done, he teaches you the secret art of smacking things rapidly with a giant stick because he thinks it's dark magic, then points you in the direction of the world-threatening evil and gives you a good shove."


3. Phantom

"I love the versatility. You can swap out skills and have different sets. Obviously there's an ideal set but it's still very fun to play around with c: Also loving it because, i mean, look at him, that is one CLASSY mofo"


4. Bishop

Bishop do more damage (only by a bit though.) and they have tons of defensive junk.


And some players just keep playing with their own classes, then they like to play with their own classes. So what about you? What is your favorite class? Share your ideas with us! Right now go to get cheap maplestory 2 mesos on our online store if you play the Korean verison of MapleStory 2.