MU Legend Will Open A Door Into A Fantastic World Ahead Of MU Online's Events

maplestory4mesos Date: Dec/12/17 04:04:00 Views: 1290

As we know, MU Legend's Global Open Beta Test is now live. Obviously, there will be no wipe at all during or after the OBT period. Players no longer have to worry about any data wipes, and now they can spend as much time as they need in exploring the deep content offered by the game. If you have any question about how to buy MU Legend Zen, feel free to contact us via live chat, our agent is 24/7 online. Clearly to say, the wealth of informations and news can be found more at here.

MU Legend will open a door into a fantastic world ahead of MU Online's events. Players will have four classic MU franchise classes to choose from and embark on their epic journeys. In order to provide the best gaming experience for players, MU Legend's team of experts has released a new volley of deeply detailed game guides, which provided include topics such as the Rift, the guild system and the Endless Tower, keep in mind that all guides from ours website is not to be missed. 

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We promise to deliver the top quality service, the open beta is a really soft launch in the game. What this means is that you will be able to play the game and experience everything it is going to have to provide for the duration of its official release, including the cash shop and auction houses. Usually we can deliver you ordered MU Legend Zen to your character within 5-10 minutes. U4GM price was the best I could find, and its website was clear and easy to use.