Path Of Exile Puts Players In The Role Of A Recent Exile

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Path Of Exile puts players in the role of a recent exile from the city of Oriath. As one of several exiles, Path of Exile's take on classes, you'll find yourself shipwrecked on an island and must fight your way back to the city to dish out vengeance. Grinding Gear Games tackles a number of questions across a variety of topics including the return of the build of the week. GGG, the company has spent the past four years updating the online world of Path of Exile, which is currently played by millions of people worldwide. Are you aware of buying poe items for trade


MMORPG: You recently completed a Hideout Showcase. How many submissions did you receive? Do you have plans for more showcase events like this?

GGG: We select Hideout Showcase submissions from our hideout sub-forum on the website. Players frequently showcase their hideout creations there and we will periodically pick a few of our favourites and share them in the news. We do plan do to continue this in future, but not necessarily on a scheduled basis.

MMORPG: How is the Build of the Week selected? Is there a committee making the choice? Community? A few people?

GGG: The process of picking builds starts with Nick, one of our game designers, looking through the build-guide submissions on the website and selecting candidates that look interesting and meet other specific criteria.

MMORPG: With the XBox launch complete, have you noticed any trends in that player group? Have you found areas of challenge with regard to XBox specifically? If so, what are they and how are they being addressed? Biggest celebration since and including launch?

GGG: The Xbox One players actually turned out to be really similar to our PC players. Gamers are gamers, after all. While we haven't found any specific areas of challenge (as we tested the game extensively in its Beta), we are putting a lot of effort towards reading and responding to community feedback so that we can incorporate it in updates to the Xbox version.

The developers gave us some hands on time with the console release, which they had been quietly working on for some time. The game has now been released on Xbox One consoles globally, giving access to a further 50 million potential players. Overall, the game's potential audience of PC and console players has increased by more than 300 million in the last two weeks. Gamers are excited to buy chaos orbs poe from U4GM.