Albion Online: Aurelius Update Soon To Be Come

maplestory4mesos Date: Dec/31/16 01:47:21 Views: 1286

For the closed beta of Albion Online, at an early stage, it's not merely for giving players the opportunity to play the upcoming MMO. By collecting feedback as well as come together with the testers from the community bugs. Thanks to the developer team at Sandbox Interactive, they are striving to introduce more improvements and new game elements. It's no wonder that so many cheap albion online gold for sale.

Hence, for Aurelius update, at the same time, a series of innovations is also brought with it, including: 

Right-click movement - forces the hero to move

Forced Combat Mode - This avoids unintentional actions during fights

New chat channels - chats for guild recruitment, the most important languages

Highlighting finished spells - This shows you directly when a spell is ready to be used

Automatic new attempt to leave an area - you leave the area immediately after the cooldown on the exit

Albion online 23 new dungeons are introduced, including temples or mushroom caves, where you meet new enemies. In these dungeons you will also be guardian bosses, including Seher Galifax, Chief and Grandfather. 10 new spells and a series of interesting Christmas actions are also part of the update.

In the security zones, it's rounded off by hell gates. some newer gamers, they are to lead to PvP. A group of up to five players have entitled to enter a hell away. Being there, it's full with dangerous demons. Probably even another five-member group waiting for the players, for the same booty, that's why you have to fight. Anyway, cheap gold like cheap albion online gold are in limited supply, you should act right now.