Madden 18: EA Sports Released A Big Patch That Added New Features

maplestory4mesos Date: Nov/08/17 03:48:44 Views: 1177

EA released several of the top player's in Madden 18 along with their specific ratings and attributes. More details begin to emerge in EA's latest game, visit the official website here. As you see here, Madden 18's  Longshot story mode is an entirely different kind of experience. Longshot is Madden's first go at a story mode and they nailed it, mostly. Madden 18 was completely rebuilt in this year and switched to EA's Frostbite engine. 

The game includes the franchise's very first story mode titled "Longshot". Dan Marino will have a significant role in Longshot, mentoring the main character throughout his rise to football stardom. Keep in mind that it's a video game, you can program it to know if that WR got both feet in bounds on the catch or if that runner's knee was down before a fumble. For additional information you can read more at here

EA Sports released a big patch that added new features and made tweaks and changes to the game' s various modes. Madden 18 patch fixes a crash scenario that could trigger in Franchise mode when moving through menus quickly. Additionally, the update fixes a problem where Madden Ultimate Team auction house filters would reset before they should.

Two other additions from the original patch, notification banners for "Low Catch Rating" and "Catch In Traffic" had "unintended issues" that confused some players. If you have any doubts, welcome to you access to U4GM, at here, we will sincerely deal with your any questions, at the same time, we will be dedicated to selling cheap and safe madden 18 coins, and meet your needs.