Regarding Albion Summer Alpha Details Content

maplestory4mesos Date: Dec/23/16 00:21:20 Views: 1137

At present, Albion Online its servers, included a part of its Alpha Estivale as well as the Sandbox Interactive studio regularly enriches the content. On top of that, a new raid and New PvP zones are opening their doors.

As noted, Albion Online currently welcomes players as part of its "Summer Alpha" and obviously they respond to the call of the independent MMO since according to the German Sandbox Interactive studio, more than 15,000 testers from 145 Countries are currently pacing the gaming world.

As a result of the tests and comments, the developer regularly deploys new fix patches as well as adding content. Thus, the last one (which is found on the official website) adds about twenty new territories as so many new areas to conquer for the guilds. But with the patch, the Sandbox Interactive studio has mainly opened the doors of the Deadlands, a dangerous country, largely dedicated to PvP. 

In order to appeal to players, there are resources of rank 7 and 8, as we all know, for Albion Online the most popular resources, which are still in dangerous areas. The area is also home to some unprecedented dungeons, the new 10-player "Morgana" raid was also included. Until now we are told is the "most powerful faction of Albion Online to date", to that end, for those who want to occupy the players of the Summer Alpham, in particular, if they submit new content to test.